Is Detroit Lions wideout Calvin Johnson catching up to Jerry Rice?


If you were to ask who is the greatest wide receiver of all time, most NFL fans would not hesitate to say it’s Jerry Rice. I wouldn’t argue with them. Rice has the most impressive resume of anybody who’s ever played the position.

For his career Rice had 22,895 receiving yards. That’s nearly 7,000 more than the guy who’s number two on the list, who will remain nameless because he’s gotten enough attention for one lifetime.

Rice also is the king in all-time touchdown receptions with 197, over 40 more than number two Randy Moss.

By just about any metric you can come up with Jerry Rice is at the top. But according to the stat gurus at ESPN, Detroit Lions wideout Calvin Johnson just might be catching up to him. Over the last three seasons Johnson caught for more yards than any other player in NFL history:

That broke Rice’s record set from 1993-1995. Then again we should probably point out that Rice scored ten more touchdowns than Megatron during that stretch. Even still, when someone is able to break any of Jerry’s records one has to sit up and take notice. Johnson has been playing for seven seasons and my guess is he has at least seven more in him.

Rice played for 20 seasons and was 42 years old when he finally hung it up. The chances that Johnson can play that long are pretty short, but even still, if┬áhe keeps playing at this level until he’s 35 the chances are that he’s going to break all kinds of records.

What do you think? Does Calvin Johnson have any chance to surpass Jerry Rice as the greatest wideout of all time?

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