Is Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Kahn the coolest in the NFL?


Let’s face it, not all billionaires are hip, jet-setting James Bond types like Richard Branson or laid back and chill like Mark Cuban. If you take a look around the NFL at the owners you’ll find some who are stuffy and some who are downright senile.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have no such problem there. Owner Shahid Kahn is one of the cooler personalities in professional sports.

More importantly, he’s not afraid to dip into that giant pile of cash to help improve his team. Over the offseason Kahn had new¬†video boards installed in the end zone at a cool $60 million.

Now Kahn is gracing the cover of Void Magazine, replete in a Hawaiian shirt and carrying what looks to be a refreshing tropical drink:

Be honest. How many NFL owners can pull that look off? Exactly.

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  • Kingsley Spencer

    So the dude in the featured image isn’t Shad….just for accuracy sake.