The top five touchdown passes of Nick Foles' career


Depending on who you ask Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is either the second coming or an overrated product of a fast-paced system. I’m not going to try to settle that debate here today, but I’ve always found the “system guy” argument weak at best.

Do you know who the ultimate system guy is? Tom Brady. He slipped into Bill Bellichick’s system in 2002 and has been doing pretty well ever since. If a quarterback can’t be a “system guy” then he’s not fit to play in the National Football League. Period. Talent alone just does not win games at this level. You have to know the offense front and back and embrace your role in it.

People who use “system guy” as an insult usually just don’t get how it works.┬áNick Foles did a tremendous job learning Chip Kelly’s system and I’m inclined to think he’s destined for more great things.

Here are the top five touchdown passes of Foles’ young career:

1. Popping his cherry vs. Cowboys

This was little Nicky’s first time getting into the end zone. They grow up so fast.

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