3 reasons why everyone was wrong about Marshawn Lynch’s holdout


Before yesterday, it was practically common “knowledge” that Marshawn Lynch enjoyed no leverage in his holdout from Seahawks training camp, and that the team would provide no new money to Lynch.

Then the Brinks truck rolled up to the VMAC and Marshawn was sighted. Lynch’s contract was not extended beyond 2015. He is due to see more money this year, though, with his 2014 base salary increased by $1.5 million.

The additional money comes from converting $1 million in incentives and bonuses this year into base salary, and taking the remaining $500,000 uptick from next year’s salary. So how did everyone — and I do mean everyone — misread Lynch’s standoff?

1. For Lynch, it about respect.

“I really think he just wants his position in the organization and how they view him — he just wants that recalibrated a little bit. He’s been the face of the franchise. He’s been the face of the organization,” former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson told NFL Network viewers in breaking the news of Lynch’s holdout. “It’s not all about money with [Lynch].” “Recalibrated” is a way of saying that Lynch had become unhappy with his position on the Seahawks’ totem pole, so to speak.

The Seahawks doled out big new deals this offseason for Michael Bennett, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. In the process, Lynch watched his contract value repeatedly matched or exceeded.


Lynch brings unique physical abilities to the team, according to Pete Carroll: There’s more than one aspect to being a physical team. It starts with our defense, and the style of play we’ve always stood for. Our special teams are very aggressive and tough. And when you have that on the offensive side of the ball, that’s because you have a running game, and that closes the circle of toughness for your club.

Marshawn is a perfect example of that — he’s always stood for it. I’ve always loved his style and the whole ‘Beast [Mode]’ thing. That stuff is awesome, and we love it, and he doesn’t disappoint you. Lynch knows how important he is to this roster physically and psychologically. He just wanted to see management put their money where their mouth is.

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  • Joe Don

    Everyone keeps mentioning how Earl Thomas, Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman were rewarded this year after the Super Bowl and Lynch wanted that as well. It has nothing to do with winning the Super Bowl and being rewarded and everything to do with those players entering the final years of their contracts (or being a restricted free agent in Baldwin’s case) and having a lot left in the tank and the Seahawks wanting to secure their services for the next several years, exactly what happened to Marshawn 2 years ago. He already received his contract at that time. At the current time he is a valuable piece of the team that is currently under contract. As a running back, he is at an age where production tends to fall off which means that next year he will likely be cut or asked to renegotiate his contract like TE Zach Miller was this year. It is just the business of the NFL and how things work.