Brian Quick and Austin Pettis: A cautionary tale about training camp hype


I know we’ve been hyping Brian Quick and Kenny Britt quite a bit this week as the big-bodied duo have put on an impressive showing during the Rams’ training camp. A lot of other outlets have been hyping the duo as well.

I’m here to splash a bit of cold water on your face.

Last year, in the Rams’ 2013 training camp, do you recall which Rams wide receiver was receiving (pun kind of intended I guess) most of the buzz?

I’ll give you a hint: This guy, who was entering his third year last year much like Quick is in 2014, is still on the roster. He has not received a single peep of hype this year from what I’ve seen.

That’s right, Austin Pettis was supposed to be in for a breakout season – at least by his standards. You can read a couple more in-depth articles here and here.

Pettis did have a slightly better season in 2013 than either of his first two years, but his 38 catches, 399 yards and four touchdowns isn’t exactly commensurate with the preseason hype he received. Now, Pettis could be on the outside looking in if the Rams decide to go with only five receivers this year.

Just a cautionary tale, as we watch how Quick progresses this season. Let’s hope he can translate his stellar training camp performance into on-field production.

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