Dennis Allen gets defensive in discussing Matt Schaub and so do I


When the Oakland Raiders traded a sixth round pick for quarterback Matt Schaub, everyone knew what was going to happen. After an abysmal year in 2013 in which Schaub set an NFL record for most consecutive games with a pick six, many are just waiting for the chance to jump out of their seats and yell “I TOLD YOU SO” the second that Schaub starts to flounder. And head coach Dennis Allen is fully aware of that fact:

I know how this whole thing is going to work. Every time Schaub throws an interception, everyone is going to want to try and hit the panic button and act like the sky is falling.

Schaub threw interceptions on back to back plays during practice on Thursday with both balls being picked off by safety Charles Woodson. According to Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group, the first play was a bad decision by Schaub and the second play was just a great play by Woodson. McDonald also noted that quarterbacks often try throws in training camp that they would never try in a real game, seemingly questioning the significance of the first interception.

I knew about the interceptions in practice and heard what Allen had to say in his press conference but did not think a whole lot of it. I mean after all, it’s the first week of training camp and every quarterback throws interceptions in training camp. I went to dinner and drinks with friends and when I came back, much of Twitter had gone off the deep end about Schaub.

I was surprised but really should not have been. It makes no sense to give up on Schaub based on one practice very early in training camp but at the same time, Allen is right. Everytime Schaub makes a mistake, many Raiders fans are going to do their best impression of Texans fans and turn on him.

Let me just say this now. Schaub is going to make mistakes, that is just how it is. But overreacting to those mistakes is a waste of time. Almost all reports on Schaub thus far have been positive so anyone jumping on him now simply looks as though they have been waiting for any chance to scream and yell about him.

And if you think Derek Carr wouldn’t make mistakes if he replaced Schaub, you are simply kidding yourself. Just the other day Carr fumble the snap on back to back plays. He is a rookie who has a lot to learn and the fact of the matter is, he will make mistakes if played right away.

I’ve said it many times this offseason, the Raiders training camp will be the most intriguing of any camp in the NFL. But less than a week in, it appears that the intrigue of this year’s camp is also leading to extreme reactions. First it was cut D.J. Hayden and now it’s bench Schaub. Get ready Raider Nation, I have a feeling we are in for a rather intense and emotional camp.


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  • I J

    I couldn’t agree more. Every single one of the QB’s in this league are going to throw interceptions in practice and in games. Prior to 2013, Schaub’s stats are amongst the top 10 QBs in the league. Does anyone report when Manning, Brady or Brees throws an interception in practice? Yes, Schaub has a record of consecutive pick 6’s, but does that mean he is a terrible QB? Raiders Fans…get it together.

    • James Arcellana

      Funny you mention that. Brady threw a pick six in practice yesterday and no one cared. Only reason I know is Jim Trotter made a joke abt that fact to Vic Tafur on Twitter while Tafur was talking about the Schaub picks.

  • TJA

    James: To begin, I am a fan of Matt Schaub. However, to ignore three picks in a padded training camp practice eight days before the first preseason game while no cause to scream”FIRE” in a crowded theater, should generate some concern amongst Raider faithful. This should not be happening!! Not the picks but what I see has a bit of inconsistency during practice. It is not confined to Schaub. Annointed top four WR by the press, Andre Holmes has had 6-8 drops that have transpired since the start of camp. Denarius Moore is not to far behind. This does not mean these players should not be on the roster. What it means is DA and GO should hold these players accountable for sub/par performances whether during camp, preseason games or regular season. Not doing “push ups” but perhaps reduced reps!! Players make errors but when these errors are uncorrected you wonder if the staff is “turning the other cheek”. The mistakes have not been made just by QB and WRS. The team to improve must progress not digress!! One day all appears well in Napa, the next not so great!! These professionals must stay focused, consistent and concentrate on being the best!!

    • James Arcellana

      Its the first week of training camp I guarantee every single camp throughout the league has lots of guys who are inconsistent right now after spending all offseason not wearing pads. Give players a chance to kick off the rust before worrying about inconsistencies in training camp.

      As for holding players accountable, I think DA’s record is pretty clear on that. He has had no problem moving players around based on performance (see D. Moore, TP, MF, DMC etc from last season). I see no reason to be worried about that.

  • TJA

    James: Okay!! It is early on in camp!! Do not get me wrong, this years squad is ahead of last August’s in therms of talent and potential production!! But to avoid another 4-12 season the squad needs to “tighten up” on both sides of the ball. It starts, as you know, in camp and should carry over to games. This squad may win 7-9 games but not if players are inconsistent in camp, preseason games and regular season.

    • James Arcellana

      All Im saying is, there is no reason yet to think its gonna carry over into the rest of training camp, preseason and regular season. You’re going to the extreme concern when nothing is pointing to that becoming a reality. What I said in the piece goes for every other position. For every bad play you are focusing on, there were good plays too. So because Holmes had a bad week we should be worried about the season even though Streater and Jones have looked lights out? Gotta look at the whole picture, if the whole team was struggling, then yeah be concerned. Donald Penn has looked beastly, MJD looks like he has his burst back, Mack slammed Rivera and impressed everyone. Gotta stop focusing on the bad as though its so bad it overrules all of the good.

  • TJA

    James: My rejoinder to your comments!! First, I am optimistic about how things have looked thus far in camp according to what I have read based about those reporting (in attendance) to the fan base. Second, I am delighted as all fans are, that good/great plays have been made by many during camp. Nevertheless, sometimes when there is “smoke” there has been a fire!! My observations about areas of concern are based not upon personal knowledge but about what the sports writers are commenting on goes on during camp on the practice field. To be fair, Holmes and D. Moore have made some “great plays” during camp. However, like in any business, get rid of the rust and errors. Football is no exception!! By the way, is Rivera okay after the reported “body slam” by Mack ?

  • samiam2112

    “Schaub threw interceptions on back to back plays during practice on Thursday with both balls being picked off by safety Charles Woodson.” No time to panic its Charles Fricken Woodson future HOFer! He has seen about every formation there is, end of story!

  • TJA

    Charles Woodson is BOSS no doubt!!!

  • JackTatum32

    I think we should just stop over-analyzing our team in general. The rebuild of the Raiders is a long-term project. I have no doubt that the team is in the right track. They should be much better this year, and may even make the playoffs if some things break our way. Get off Schaub’s back and get off Allen’s back too. These things just take time.

  • gino

    i dont get it, if he is throwing a ball you wouldnt throw in a game then why have that throw. and if Woodsion intercepted it with his tired as body, i would hit the panic button “coach”