Denver Broncos defense ranked 2nd best in NFL…

Daily fantasy ban

… In fantasy that is, but maybe in real life as well.

With training camps underway, the NFL season is right around the corner. And that can only mean one thing: Fantasy football drafts are about to start happening.

In order to get a jump on the competition, it’s never to early to start putting together a draft board. To help the cause, cover32 will be ranking each position, with updates from now until the start of the regular season based on stories from camp, performances in preseason games and in-depth research.

To continue things along, it’s time to look at a spot that is typically a little bit of a crapshoot; it’s often difficult to predict what defense will be opportunistic on any given week. So the best bet is to find a good defense, one that’s part of a playoff-caliber team, and ride them week after week after week.

To see the top-20 fantasy defense in 2014, CLICK HERE.

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