Ryan Nassib doesn't look like New York Giants' quarterback of the future


When the New York Giants traded up to select Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft there was a mixture of reactions.

Most were baffled. Eli Manning was entrenched as the franchise quarterback seemingly until he chose to call it quits. What good would potentially the best gunslinger in the draft do sitting and waiting four to five years behind No. 10?

On the otherhand, some were optimistic. They recognized that Manning may not be a Giant forever and, at the very least, Nassib could be a very valuable trade piece if he lived up to his potential (though how he’d prove to be such is unknown with Manning in his way).

Two weeks into his second NFL training camp, Nassib does not appear to be either. Not the heir to Manning’s throne nor an enticing option for teams in desperate need of a quarterback.

And it’s a bit disheartening.

Nassib was hyped up plenty by draft media. Mike Mayock and CBS Sports each had him ranked as the 2013 class’ fourth-best quarterback and former scout Russ Lande was adamant this summer that he was the best quarterback in the draft last April.

Yet here we are at the start of August, and there has been little positively written about the 24-year-old from West Chester, Pa. Here are a few links to what’s been written about him so far:

The man is only in his second NFL season, and after seeing zero snaps during the regular season last year, it’s understandable that these difficult growing pains would remain. However, positive moments have been scarce since he first put on a Giants uniform.

Our own Curt Macysyn had this to say about Nassib on Friday:

Watching Nassib run the offense in training camp thus far, makes you question if he has the skill set to be a reserve quarterback in the NFL. If Nassib cannot hit his primary target, he seems to have difficulty going through his progressions. When this happens he gets happy feet in the pocket, and holds onto the ball too long. It’s hard to imagine the coaching staff has confidence in Nassib as Eli Manning’s backup, so unless things change quickly, the G-men may be in the market for a second string QB when final cuts are made.

For now, the Giants and their fans need to continue being optimistic. Nassib could very well be Manning’s backup this season and while you hope Manning won’t go down with injury, you just never know. It’s important that in that instance Nassib will be ready and able to lead the team with some chance for success.

There is this quote to cling to as the summer leads on.

“There’s been some things he’s missed,” quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf told The Star-Ledger’s Conor Orr. “He’s had a couple turnovers and some bad throws at times. But overall, I’m really pleased at how he’s been throwing the ball as a whole in training camp. It’s been pretty good.”

Some of this is just coachspeak, of course, but Orr made note of Nassib’s ball placement and poise in the pocket. If he can improve on the little things, make the right reads and play a little smarter, the Giants can feel a bit more comfortable with their current situation behind Manning heading into the 2014 season.

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