Comedian Jon Stewart roasts NFL for handling of Ray Rice suspension


The NFL is getting blasted from every direction over its handling of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s suspension. Yesterday on ESPN’s broadcast of NFL Live they had an extra-long segment commenting on the issue, and every analyst appeared visibly upset by the whole situation.

Critics say that the league’s two-game suspension over domestic violence sets an awful precedent and practically condones it, relative to other punishments. Smoking marijuana for example will earn a player a four-game suspension for a first offense.

You know it’s getting bad when you become fodder for late-night comedians. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show had this take on Thursday night:

Roger Goodell is now facing the harshest criticism during his run as NFL commissioner. Numerous female fans have stated they will no longer support the league and some have gone so far as to call for Goodell’s resignation.

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