Jared Abbrederis has torn ACL


Jared Abbrederis took to his Twitter account Saturday evening to confirm what many Packer fans feared- he has a torn ACL and will likely miss the entire 2014 season.

Abbrederis immediately became a fan favorite having been born in Wisconsin and played college ball in Madison. For the Packers, and Abbrederis, this is only a minor setback thanks to a deep receiving corps including veterans Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb and a crop of young receivers all fighting to make the team. Abbrederis will either be placed on the Injured Reserve list, or released and allowed to clear waivers and signed to the practice squad while he rehabs the knee, which will be operated on as soon as possible.

The former is more likely, as the Packers wouldn’t want to have a short staffed practice squad due to injury, but want to keep Abbrederis around for when he returns, which may be as early as late this season. In high school Abbrederis suffered a broken femur which came with an ACL tear. Six months after the surgery he was back on the field. The Packers can only hope for a similar recovery this time around.


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