Quotable Monday: Robert Griffin III looks to run again


“[The read-option]’s a part of every quarterback who can move around a little bit in their game.”

— Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, last week

Now a year and a half removed from a devastating knee injury, Robert Griffin III may help renew an offensive wrinkle that was so effective during his terrific rookie season.

Griffin hinted at the resurrection of the read-option during last Wednesday’s practice. During the session, Griffin used a play that looked suspiciously like a read-option to score a long touchdown. After practice, the Washington quarterback was mildly non-committal, but acknowledged that such a play may have a place in the Redskins playbook this year.

“Everybody’s run it, from Aaron Rodgers all the way down the list,” Griffin said. “It’s something that you want to sprinkle in, keep a defense aware of, make them have to practice it, but it’s not something that you want to make a focal point of your offense.”

As a reminder, Griffin won Rookie of the Year honors in ‘12 in part because of his legs: RG3 racked up 815 yards on 120 carries in 15 games, scoring seven touchdowns. He led the entire NFL with a 6.8 yards per carry average.

Like many aspects of Washington’s excellent 2012 campaign, the read-option nearly disappeared in 2013. The obvious reason was Griffin’s diminished health as a result of his January knee injury. While his 2013 rushing numbers weren’t bad, they paled in comparison to his productivity a year earlier. Griffin ran for “only” 489 yards on 86 carries, and failed to score even once. His longest run last season was 26 yards, well shy of his season-high 76-yarder (a touchdown against the Vikings) from 2012.

His recovery now behind him, a renewed commitment to “sprinkling in” the read-option could add yet another facet to what is shaping up to be a very potent Redskins offense.

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