Shocking news report: Nobody likes covering Calvin Johnson


I guess this qualifies as sports journalism.

ESPN released a report last week that detailed why NFL defensive backs hate having to cover Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. They interviewed several DBs and heard in their own words what makes him great. Among the shocking revelations from Michael Rothstein’s article:

– Johnson is really big and really fast:

“It should be illegal for a guy to be that tall and that big and that fast. They should have banned him from the NFL,” Oakland cornerback Charles Woodson said, laughing. “But he’s one of those guys, man — he’s a freak of nature.”

– He’s really hard to gameplan for:

“When you go against him, you count on the scout team wideout that mimics him and acts like Calvin Johnson,” New York Giants cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie said. “But you’ll never get the real picture.”

– He’s extremely versatile:

“I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do, so it’s just the sky’s the limit, the limits of what our imagination is to use him,” Lombardi said. “I don’t want a defense to be able to know where he is, so he’s going to be in multiple spots.”

– You can’t cover him 1 on 1:

“Because one-on-one coverage against Johnson is so risky, as the Cowboys learned the hard way last season, strategy often plays as much of a role as skill for a secondary.”

You can read the rest of Rothstein’s report on Megatron here. I look forward to their next piece investigating the color of the sky.

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