Gone Camping: Dorsey out for year, Hunter and Baldwin waived


If you haven’t been paying attention to the 49ers training camp, you probably have missed a lot. It’s as if you blink and something new happens.

So let’s get you up to date.

Nose tackle Glenn Dorsey tore his bicep Friday at camp and will need surgery. He is out for the year. There has been talk that he may return, but it is highly unlikely.

We all know that running back Kendall Hunter went down early at camp with a torn ACL and was done for the year. Then just out of no where, Hunter was waived and the 49ers picked up rookie running back Glenn Winston. There was a chance he would be waived due to his injury, but not so soon after his injury.

Fans were disappointed with the move by the front office, but to be completely honest, it was a smart move. The four year 49er was expected to make $645,000 this season and would be a free agent in 2015.

So here is why it is not a risky move. If a team picks up Hunter, the 49ers gain $645,000 in salary cap room and I’m sure they would take any kind of bump in the cap right now. The team that picks up Hunter will pay his salary for his rehab process.

If no team picks up Hunter, however, he will be put back on the 49ers injured reserved roster and he would receive his full salary. So no matter what happens to Hunter this season, he will sit out the 2014 season and will become a free agent in 2015.

In other news, the 49ers practiced at Levi’s Stadium for the first time.

Wide receiver Jon Baldwin, who was a former first round draft pick was waived Sunday by the 49ers. The team then picked up Mizzou rookie wide receiver L’Damian Washington.

The 49ers preseason begins Thursday against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore with the game airing on NFL Network at 4:30 pm.

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