Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin earns journalism degree


One of the saddest things you see in sports is when millionaire athletes blow all their money and just a few short years after retiring they’re selling off their Mcmansions and filing for bankruptcy. That’s why it’s so encouraging to see when NFL players finish their education.

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin is one of the smartest defensive backs in the game, and he’s applied that intelligence off the field and earned a degree in journalism.

Boykin tweeted the news himself on Sunday afternoon:

Once his playing days are done Boykin will have a great chance at a career in broadcasting. In fact, he already has a head start in fact-checking. Back in February Boykin corrected an Eagles beat writer regarding a story about his changing agents.

Or he could go the more traditional sports journalist route and drink bourbon like it’s his day job and wonder what may have been. Ohhh what may have been…

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