Power Rankings

In the movie “Moneyball,” one of the Oakland A’s scouts isn’t high on a player because the baseball prospect has an ugly girlfriend; such a fate suggested a “lack of confidence” to the long-time talent evaluator. It’s an interesting bit of amateur psychoanalysis, one that probably isn’t far from the truth.

Thus, there may be a reason to take a look at the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of athletes that goes beyond good old-fashioned ogling. It tells everyone something about a player’s self-confidence.

Yep, that’s a stretch. But it was reason enough to get the editors of cover32 scrambling through the tabloids, Instagram accounts and various other places on the internet to find the hottest WAGs of current NFL players; it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Once the top picks were gathered, it was time to assemble this week’s Power Rankings, rating each NFL team from one to 32 based on the hottest WAG on their roster. Here are the results (keep in mind, there are no losers in this one):


32. Baltimore Ravens

Kimberly Harris- Jacoby Jones

Kimberly Harris (Jacoby Jones)

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lindsey VanDeweghe- Vincent Jackson

Lindsey VanDeweghe (Vincent Jackson)

30. Carolina Panthers

Kara Dooley- Greg Olsen

Kara Dooley (Greg Olsen)

29. Buffalo Bills

Kaela Clawson- Dan Carpenter

Kaela Clawson (Dan Carpenter)

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  1. Let’s get something straight. There are some super hot WAG’s on here, but this list more or less starts and stops on Katherine Webb even if her husband does play for the Bungles.

  2. Agree with Jester, disagree with his choice: Giselle is a SUPERMODEL. And didn’t even crack the top 5? Nonsense.

  3. Don’t know how the selections were made but I know my team, 9ers, have better looking girlfriends than were selected. And I bet I could find a woman in the Patriots organization that looks better than Brady’s wife.

  4. Raider Arlin

    I would like Cover 32 to give me their definition of “Hot” because some of these are highly questionable.

  5. Yeahhhhhh….how is Kelly Hall #2? 9-3 were all way hotter. Plus, Erin Heatherton isn’t dating Cameron anymore…duh! Lindsey Duke (Bortles) should be way higher on this list/wins Best New WAG On Scene for sure.