Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll calls injured right tackle Michael Bowie a fatty


Over the weekend the Seattle Seahawks waived injured right tackle Michael Bowie after he suffered a shoulder injury. The next day the lowly and dysfunctional Cleveland Browns claimed Bowie off waivers, despite the fact that he may miss several months of football recovering.

Yesterday we learned more about Bowie’s situation courtesy of Pro Football Talk’s Curtis Crabtree. In an interview head coach Pete Carroll told Crabtree that Bowie is a lazy fatass; specifically, a slovenly, fatty pig-faced Cinnabun-snacking fatty fat-stack.

Ok, Carroll didn’t actually say any of that, but he did make sure to mention that Bowie reported to training camp 20 pounds overweight:

That certainly helps explain why rookie Justin Britt was giving Bowie a run for his money for the starting right tackle spot.

Conditioning is a very high priority for these Seattle Seahawks. If Bowie really was that much overweight coming into camp he had to know he was jeopardizing his future with the team. Luckily for Bowie, the Cleveland Browns need all the help they can get.

All kidding aside, it does seem kind of harsh to mention Bowie’s weight when he needs surgery on his shoulder, no?

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