Will Houston Texans 2014 draftees be better than 2013?


In 2013 the Houston Texans picked up nine players in the draft last year, so you would think that a lot of them are working this offseason for a potential starting role.

The only problem with that idea is there are only four of the nine players even on the roster. Two players were cut, one was waived, on released for rules violations and one, David Quessenberry, was diagnosed with lymphoma and won’t be able to play this year. This isn’t a good-looking draft for the Texans.

First the good part about the 2013 draft, the Texans found DeAndre Hopkins with their first round pick, last year he was a good compliment to Andre Johnson. This year he will need to make even more plays and show he can take over for the impending departure of Johnson (since that appears to be coming and soon).

The Texans also picked up D.J. Swearinger with their second pick and he did an pretty good job but will need to improve in his second season to cement his starting role. They need him to grow and grow quickly because their secondary is the weakest link on a stacked defensive unit.

Ryan Griffin looks to have plenty of upside, he at least has played in a few games and showed he can play, so he will have to fight with CJ Fiedorowicz for the second string job at tight end. Bill O’Brien has already made comparisons with Fiedorowicz to Rob Gronkowski and O’Brien being a  New England Patriots protégé, that is a pretty striking comparison, Griffin might not get to play much.

Now the bad news the next three picks didn’t work out at all, Brennen Williams was waived after he failed a physical this year, Trevardo Williams spent last year on IR and was cut this year, and Sam Montgomery was released mid-year last year for unspecified rules violations.

Not exactly what the Texans had in mind.

David Quessenberry was the only other potentially good pick, he looked good in the preseason and was projected to work his way into the lineup. Until he broke his foot last year and spent the rest of the year on IR. This offseason he was then diagnosed with lymphoma and is seeking treatment, he potentially will never play in the NFL again. Hopefully he beats it and can make a comeback one day.

Alan Bonner was another Texan to spend last year on IR, good news is he is still with the Texans and can possibly prove himself worthy, only time will tell though.

Chris Jones was cut by the Texans last year before the season, he was eventually picked up by the Patriots and did well with them racking up 6 sacks (Second most for all rookies last year),so it seems like they were hasty on cutting Jones.

The Texans basically got two starters (and only one good starter) out of their entire draft last year. Let’s hope that this year’s draft proves to be much better than last years.

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