Advice to fans: Don’t sweat Tony Romo sitting on Thursday.


You can probably already see the many headlines that will be coming out next week when the final decision comes out about Tony Romo for the Dallas Cowboys’ opening preseason. I’d say that there’s all of about a 5% chance that Romo ends up playing in that game, and immediately you can bet that the NFL fans and writers on the NFL are going to have plenty to say about it, just like they always do.

Hey, what would the start of the NFL season be without a negative headline or two relating to the Cowboys, and specifically to Romo? It’d be far from the norm, that’s for sure. The Cowboys start their preseason off against the San Diego Chargers on Thursday, August 7th, and playing Romo in that game would be flat out idiotic by the team. I’m pretty sure they realize this as well, because they’ve pretty much already made it known that the way they are leaning is that they are going to sit Romo and let the back-ups get their chance.

Realistically, if Romo was to play, he’d be looking at playing a single drive, and then would head to the sideline. I’m pretty sure that he will be just fine avoiding the risk of taking an early hit in the preseason. There’s simply no reason to do it this early, because he’s going to take plenty of hits as the preseason goes on and he gets prepared for the regular season.

Of course, the decision to play or sit Romo hasn’t been finalized yet, but I doubt we see him wearing pads and warming up to start their opening preseason game. Romo even said that he’s been talking about it with the staff, but that it’s like that he’ll “probably sit out the San Diego game and play in Game 2 and go from there.” It seems that the preseason is pretty standard with how things go. The starters play a drive in game one, they play a little more in game two and then game three is when they get their real workload in. Game four is all but a fight for the reserves to try to push for a final roster spot.

The decision of whether or not Romo plays in game one of the preseason shouldn’t be a big deal. Honestly, to most Cowboys’ fans it probably won’t be a big deal. To the media though? Oh, it’s probably going to be a disaster. “Romo’s Back a Concern?” and “Romo Sits Opening Game Due to Back” are the types of headlines that we will likely see on Thursday night and Friday mornings.

As great of headlines as those make, and how many people will probably click on them, I’ll go ahead and clarify now that we shouldn’t be worried about it. The fans of the Boys’ can simply keep on scrolling, roll their eyes when they see the headlines, and get excited for game two of the preseason where we’ll see Romo back on the field in an NFL game for the first time since getting hurt in Week 16 of last season.

It’s almost time for the season everyone, get excited, don’t get worried!

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