Fights aplenty in Atlanta Falcons’ HBO Hard Knocks debut


The Atlanta Falcons are working hard to shed the image of being a finesse team. If last night’s debut of HBO’s Hard Knocks is any indication, it’s definitely starting to work.

Before the opening theme even got started several punches were thrown on screen.

Among the highlights from last night’s show:

Rookie karaoke, Coca Cola everywhere, everything that Roddy White did…

Steven Jackson’s epic one for the gipper speech to the other running backs, a surprise appearance by Terrell Owens, and this wonderful quote from wide receiver Harry Douglas: “I’m so anal about, like, packing. It’s the Virgo in me.”

The show was a big hit, if the reviews and social media reaction are to be believed:

You can find each episode available on demand on HBO GO – you will need a subscription.

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