Harry Douglas is picking up the slack in Tony G’s absence


There’s no bigger challenge for the Falcons’ this year than filling the shoes of future Hall of Famer, Tony Gonzalez because let’s face it- the feat is nearly impossible. The second year rookie, Levine Toilolo is expected to start this year and while he is up for the test, he is going to need some major help, cue in Harry Douglas.

After injuries plagued Roddy White and Julio Jones last year, Douglas, the number three WR was forced to take over the number one WR role behind Gonzalez. Douglas doubled his previous career high records (39 catches 498 yards) to 85 catches and 1067 yards rounding out the top twenty WR who had over 1000 yards for the 2013 season.

With Jones and White returning to the game this year, carrying the bulk of the load, Douglas will move back down to the number three spot, but that doesn’t take away his ability. Douglas played the whole season, which gives him experience and with the types of numbers he put up, Douglas proved he is a valuable asset to the team.

He may not get anywhere close to the 133 targets he had last season, but the yards Douglas will get will be important yards none-the-less. The Falcons could use Douglas in the slot to make up for the lack of Gonzalez, and he would be a dangerous threat to use in the red zone. With Roddy and Jones expected to be the go-to men for QB Matt Ryan this season, Douglas would make for an essential unexpected end zone target.

In the future, Douglas could be used as good trade bait. If necessary the Falcons could get a draft pick for a team that lacks a good receiver, but this year all eyes will be on Douglas with the dirty birds. He’s not just the number three guy. With his talent, he’s the guy to watch for.

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  • Anonymous

    Good points . He has big shoes to fill, but heck, he filled big shoes last year. Could be one of the best number three WR this year. Will certainly get some looks.

  • Shelby

    His name will come up a bunch this season, I’m sure. His talent won’t be wasted. He’s certainly capable of excelling as well as he did last season and if the Falcons don’t use him as much as they should, I’m willing to bet there will be other teams will take an interest in him.