Meme poses interesting question for Kansas City Chiefs defense


The Kansas City Chiefs’ 2013 season was marked by two distinct halves. From Weeks 1 through 9 the team looked like an unstoppable giant burning a path towards the Super bowl. The Chiefs won all nine games and the defense in particular was extremely impressive.

Then something changed. Over the last seven weeks the Chiefs lost five games and their vaunted defense collapsed like a sand castle in a tidal wave.

Part of the problem no doubt was playing against toughter competition, but that can’t quite explain the stark difference we saw. Now the key question for head coach Andy Reid and his staff is determining which Chiefs defense was for real: the one we saw in the first half of 2013 shutting teams down, or the one that couldn’t stop anybody from getting into the end zone?

So far in training camp it appears the answer might be the latter. This meme we found on the Chiefs’ reddit page poses the question perfectly:



As far as I’m aware the Chiefs didn’t sign Calvin Johnson or A.J. Green over the offseason, so it’s probably not a good sign that KC’s receivers are performing as well as they are.

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