Weekly Mailbag: Do Cam Newton’s comments to Peter King matter?


It’s time for our Weekly Mailbag! Remember that if you’d like your question answered, you can tweet it at us @Cover32_CAR or ask it in the comments section below. Now for this week’s question.

“I read Peter King’s MMQB column this week where he talks about Cam Newton approaching him after practice to try and clear the air after King tweeted out Newton’s infamous quote before the draft saying he wants to be ‘an entertainer and an icon.’ I think this shows that Cam is maturing quickly. Do you think it matters?”¬†

-Taylor in Roanoke, VA

Well I don’t think Newton’s relationship with Peter King is relevant obviously, but this is definitely an illuminating story. In the interview with King, Cam admitted that he’d let people in his support group influence him when he’d made those comments. Those in his inner circle wanted him to be a huge brand, and understandably so from their perspective.

They didn’t want him to ever talk to King again, but he said in the interview, “I am my own person. I think for myself. I make my own decisions. I decided I wanted to talk to you to see if we could work this out. I don’t want to walk the other way every time I see you. That’s not what a man does.”

Newton was impressionable when he was younger and absolutely had some growing up that he needed to do. It seems that he finally is mentally the man that he’s been physically for a few years now. That sense of maturity and better decision-making should translate to the football field even if not directly.

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