Are the San Francisco 49ers part of any of the 10 best prop bets for the 2014 season?


Tis the season for making predictions, jumping to conclusions based on training camp performances, preseason outcomes and gut feelings. It’s a rite of passage in August, as everyone wants to get “on the record” with their Nostradamus-like football forecasts.

For those who want to take it a step further, however, there is a way to make things a little more interesting. A legal wager (see an August trip to Las Vegas) is a way to put some money behind those bold predictions. And if the picks prove to be correct, it’s a way to cash in on a good hunch.

Sportsbooks are loaded with prop bets this time of year, allowing fans to wager on all sorts of things. But most of them are sucker bets, things that have no chance of happening. Thus, it’s important to evaluate the options with clarity, betting with the head instead of the heart.

To help, I’ve combed through all of the options on the board to come up with the best values. The odds had to be 20-1 or better (longer) to be considered. With that in mind, to see the 10 best NFL prop bets heading into the 2014 season, CLICK HERE.

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