Five things to watch for in Oakland Raiders first preseason game


It’s finally here! Well almost. It will be here tomorrow! That’s right, the Oakland Raiders will take the field to play a football game for the first time since they lost to the Broncos on December 29, 2013. Sure, it’s only a preseason game, but it’s still Raiders football. And while preseason doesn’t count for standings, die hard Raiders fans know it’s where you learn about the team’s future.

Raiders fans, unlike any other fan base in the NFL knows their team from one through 53. There is as much talk about undrafted free agents if not more than there is about first round pick Khalil Mack. This is a fan base that will watch all four quarters of a preseason game just so they can see a rookie get some playing time in hope he impresses the coaches. So to take the preseason lightly would be to insult the fan base. As such, cover32 will be providing the same coverage for these games as any regular season game.

First up, we look at the top five things to pay attention to in the first game.

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    What about Criner? Talk about dissing a guy wow.