I Hate Thursday: Case Keenum’s progress in training camp


The Houston Texans have had some young players step up and produce during training camp, which gives fans something to be excited about.

However, quarterback Case Keenum has been struggling. According to CSN Houston’s Dave Zangaro, Keenum was missing his targets during Day 8 of training camp,and had “his worst day of camp.”

So far, Keenum hasn’t been impressing enough, which should concern Texans fans a little bit. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starter, and Tom Savage is the third stringer. Savage doesn’t look ready in any way. If Fitzpatrick struggles as the team’s starter, what will happen if Keenum is forced to replace him?

Matt Hammond of CBS Houston reported that Keenum has been struggling with his decision making ans has been holding on to the ball far too long in training camp. Keenum was seen doing this a lot in the regular season, and clearly, there is work that needs to be done to fix this.

The Texans need to work on his issues. They need him to be a reliable starter if Fitzpatrick struggles and gets benched.


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