Is Buffalo's C.J. Spiller on the trading block?


The rumors are out there.

Just yesterday Chris Wesseling from speculated on the future of Spiller in light of Fred Jackson’s contract extension and the Bills trade for RB Bryce Brown. Spiller himself has acknowledged that he’s heard the trade rumors as well saying, “I have friends and family members that inform me on some of the things that are being said with the trade rumors,” Spiller recently said, per The Buffalo News. “I’m not oblivious to that stuff. I’m not living on Mars or anything. I can’t control what happens. My response to them is ‘don’t worry about it.”

Should the Bills trade Spiller? He is after all injury prone and is coming off a sub-par year in 2013. We are very deep at wide receiver and there are a couple young backs in training camp that are showing some promise. Could the Bills get a lineman and a couple draft choices. Maybe is would be a good idea to move Spiller now that he has some real value.

I say no way! First while Spiller has indeed battled some injures, none of them have been of the Adrian Peterson multiple torn ligaments nature and he is healthy now.

Second, the Bills have got to stop giving away good football players to other teams. I am sick of watching former Bills as they play important football games, in January, FOR OTHER TEAMS!! Spiller is a good player who Marrone and Hackett need to figure out how to best use. And how about we start with this: Former coach Chan Gailey,(who, trust me, I was never a big fan of) had put Spiller in space. And over a 22 game span in 2100 and 2012 Spiller produced 1,690 yards (which was a whopping 5.8 yards per carry), and added 646 receiving yards with 13 TDs. How about you guys go back and watch a little of that film and stop slamming our former Clemson standout between the tackles. That might also cut down on the injuries.

Third, Fred Jackson is currently the oldest tailback in the NFL. I hope Fred is here for a playoff run but, let’s be honest, Fred’s days as an effective back are numbered. Spiller is heading into his prime.

Forth, CJ is a special talent. When used properly (see point 2 above), Spiller has shown that he is one of the most talented backs in the AFC. How about we go ahead and keep that talent in a Bills uniform.

Fifth, a special tailback, with breakaway speed and receiving ability is a young QB’s best friend. We all are holding our breath as EJ Manuel develops into a starting quarterback. I am sure our second year signal caller would appreciate a running back that can take it to the house from any spot on the field, and, can catch the ball when the play breaks down.

How about we not trade that away.

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