Mailbag: How will Devon Still be able to focus on football this season


This week, our question comes from Keith Hamilton (@Keithfhamilton) via Twitter.

Keith is referring to Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still and if he will be able to maintain his focus on the football field rather than his 4-year-old daughter fighting Stage IV Neuroblastoma cancer. Neuroblastoma is a cancerous tumor that develops from nerve tissue.

Still is a back-up defensive tackle for Bengals superstar Geno Atkins. Which means, he most likely won’t see too much action on the field. When he does, however, he will most likely use every opportunity available to release some of the built up anger and frustration stored inside of him.

In an interview with Connor Kiesel of FOX Sports Ohio, Still commented on the matter.

“Being here playing football, being here with the guys, having a reason to laugh sometimes takes a lot of that sorrow off of me, or the depression, whatever you want to call it. Playing football helps out a lot.”

Still has been active on social media, posting numerous photos and videos to his Instagram account so that fans will be able to see the progress of his daughter’s battle with cancer.

Still has also started a campaign which allows fans to donate money for each sack Still makes this season.

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