Prank war between Sean Payton and New Orleans Saints quarterbacks escalates


NFL training camp is the time for position battles; players jockey with each other to find out who is most deserving of a roster spot. At the New Orleans Saints training camp, another battle is being waged: a war of pranks.

Last week we showed you head coach Sean Payton‘s little stunt of putting a tiny red jersey in Drew Brees‘ locker.

Yesterday the Saints quarterbacks struck back in wonderful fashion. It’s a well-known joke around camp that Payton is not the best golf cart driver on the planet. So, the guys set up a fake accident scene, replete with a dummy corpse, fake blood and all:

It’s good to see that the team appears loose and is having fun ahead of the 2014 season.

Where will this prank war lead next? Only time will tell.


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