Who are the top 10 rated Detroit Lions in Madden 15?


Later this month EA Sports will release the latest edition of its mega-popular NFL video game series, Madden. If you’ve never played Madden then I can’t express how sorry I feel for you. Watching games is great, but Madden is as close as it comes to experiencing the pro game in your fingertips.

It’s not a fast learning curve, either. If you don’t have a pretty solid understanding of the way football works, you’re going to have a really hard time playing. Playbooks are elaborate, and the defensive schemes mirror what real NFL teams do. Mashing buttons won’t fly here.

There’s no better tool for learning the game and indulging your NFL addiction on a spiritual level.

We were curious to find out which Detroit Lions players would be rated the highest in the new game. Thanks to Fansided we now know. Here is a list of the top 10 best of the Lions:

1. WR Calvin Johnson – 99 overall (probably too low)

2. DT Ndamukong Suh – 97 overall

3. DT Nick Fairley – 91 overall

4. MLB Stephen Tulloch – 89 overall

5. RG Larry Warford – 88 overall

6. QB Matt Stafford – 87 overall

7. RB Reggie Bush – 85 overall

8. FB Jed Collins – 85

9. RB Joique Bell – 84 overall

10. FS Glover Quinn – 84 overall

I like that they gave Collins his due respect, but I think Stafford’s rating might be a little low. What do you think?

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