There are 5 reasons the Detroit Lions will win this weekend; also 5 reasons they'll lose


Each week here at, we’ll spend some time on Friday discussing why the Detroit Lions could and or should win or lose that weekends game. As the first preseason game is upon us, it’s a good time to start that tradition. Except, well, its preseason, so the win or lose doesn’t really mean anything, does it?

Here are 5 reasons the Detroit Lions will win:

1. They are at home in Detroit. Home field advantage should mean something.

2. Calvin Johnson, probably the NFL’s single best player will play at least one series. They should score then, right?

3. They are playing the Cleveland Browns. Nobody likes Cleveland.

4. The Lions have something to prove to their new coach. Jim Caldwell does not want to start his Lions tenure with a loss, albeit, a meaningless one.

5. The competition at kicker is so fierce, that when a drive stalls, the intensity will ratchet up a notch and the Lions will come through!

And then here are 5 reasons the Detroit Lions will lose

1. Who cares, its preseason?

2. Johnny Manziel is going to be playing for the Browns and will be in the national spotlight.

3. It’s the Detroit Lions, your best betting angle is to choose against them.

4. Calvin Johnson will only play one series. So will Matthew Stafford.

5. Dan Orlovsky will get significant playing time. Please, someone make sure the end zone lines are clearly marked.

Obviously, I went for a laugh with this. Preseason only matters to the players who are hoping to make the team that are on the bubble. There will be interesting things to watch. Orlovsky won’t be one of them. But, the competition between Theo Riddick and Mikel Leshoure is a reason to tune in. That and getting the taste of another NFL season started is always enticing. Don’t expect much, but watching that first hit is always a thrill.

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