Aaron Rodgers settles the best cornerback in NFL debate once and for all


Green Back Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers probably knows what he’s talking about when it comes to football, so perhaps he’s the best guy to settle one of the hottest debates in the NFL right now: who is the best cornerback in the league?

According to Rodgers, it’s no contest and he thinks that it’s Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks.

In a wide-ranging interview with Bleacher Report, Rodgers had nothing negative to say about Sherman, despite repeated attempts to goad him. Here’s what he said:

B/R: Speaking of Seattle and its defense, let’s discuss Richard Sherman. Is he a loudmouth Stanford jerk and creation of theMadden video game world? Or is he a really entertaining, wonderful player who is fun to play against?

AR: The second part. He’s a really entertaining, exceptional player. He’s fun to play against.

They followed up and asked Rodgers if Sherman really is the best:

B/R: Is he the best?

AR: He has stated his opinions on Twitter pretty well.

B/R: There are about 18 cornerbacks who have stated their opinion on Twitter about how they are the best in the league.

AR: But he puts his stats on there.

B/R: OK, but who’s the best?

AR: I’m always going to back our guys, but I think it’s hard to have a stronger argument against Richard Sherman…

You can find the complete interview here.

It was interesting to me to hear the high praise from Rodgers, given the bad blood between the Seahawks and Packers as a result of the “Fail Mary” game back in September of 2012. Perhaps he was just being polite and returning the favor. In January Sherman included Rodgers on his MMQB list of the top five smartest quarterbacks in the league:

“He really plays the game calm. He makes all of his checks, and plays with a double count, which a lot of quarterbacks do to get defenses to show their hand. He can identify defenses and he really spreads the ball out to some great receivers.”

The Packers and Seahawks will kick off the regular season on Thursday September 4th.

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