5 things we learned from the New Orleans Saints first preseason game


Granted, you have to take these first four exhibition games with a grain of salt.

The preseason is not where you decide who is going to be the MVP, or even determine which teams are going to be good during the regular season (the Titans beat the Packers for goodness sakes).

However, there are still things we can learn from these games – here are five we noticed.

5.) The Saints can be successful without Drew Brees

CanĀ being the operative word here.

It’s clearly not ideal, but if Drew Brees is forced to miss time due to a lingering injury I don’t believe that spells doom for the Saints season. Neither Luke McCown or Ryan Griffin is going to light up the Superdome, but both can do enough to keep the Saints in games. And if the running game can maintain this momentum and continue to contribute, that would only make it easier on the prospective fill-in quarterback.

There’s also the situation on defense, which alone looks like it could carry the Saints to wins throughout the season.

Overall, there’s enough talent throughout the Saints roster that an injury to Brees is not the end (which is truly an amazing notion). Can they win the Super Bowl without him? Probably not. But if he’s forced to miss 4-6 games in the middle of the season I fully expect the Saints to be able to tread water until he returns.

4.) The running game is much improved from years past

Saints fans and NFL pundits alike are drooling over what looks like a vastly improved running game in New Orleans (although, had they been reading articles on cover32 New Orleans they would have been less surprised when the Saints took that step).

Mark Ingram finally looks like the back he was at Alabama, and Khiry Robinson is seemingly taking the necessary steps to earn more reps. Pierre Thomas didn’t even play on Friday, but we know what he brings to the table.

The improvement in the running game stems from the continuity and talent along the offensive line, and if this trend continues it could create a situation where the Saints boast the most balanced (and therefore most dangerous) offense in the game.

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