Cowboys’ Quotables: Everybody loves Ahmad, Romo putting doubters to bed


Dallas, TX- The Cowboys returned to Oxnard to complete another week of practices before they make their way home on Saturday to face the Baltimore Ravens in exhibition game number two. After the defeat in game one, it seems as though folks lost their heads a little bit. First and foremost, the Cowboys were playing without the services of a staggering 27 contributors. If you expected the Cowboys backup’s backups to handle the Chargers’ offense, then you’re probably insane. Yes, the Cowboys were beat 27-7 but check your blood pressure a little bit and calm down.

With that said, there was one very positive performance that has CowboysNation in a buzz right now, and that is the performance of Safety Ahmad Dixon. Dixon, first team All-American and Baylor product, was drafted by the Cowboys in the 7th round of this year’s draft. Questions about his ability to not be a liability in coverage were one of a few reasons his draft status wasn’t too high; however the young safety made play after play the other night. It turns out that upon second reviews the Cowboys coaching staff were even more impressed with him.

Rod Marinelli spoke about his performance saying it was “very solid” and that he most certainly earned himself some playing time with the first team. You can view his comments here.

Looks like the Cowboys may have stole one.

This wouldn’t be a Cowboys’ preseason column if we didn’t mention the Tony Romo “backgate” saga once more. Last week, you all read my article on Babe Laufenberg and Brandon George’s complete misdiagnosis and completely overblown panic attacks on Tony Romo and his back.

It even went as far as to scare a few folks because of Wade Wilson’s previous comments on Tony’s “inconsistency” with his deep ball.

“He’s been OK,” Wilson said. “I think the deeper the ball goes down the field, it’s a little bit more inconsistent, the nine routes. He’s thrown all the intermediate, the fours and the seven routes and the deep outs, it’s been fine. It’s just the nine route, the deep post. Those things have been a little inconsistent, and I think that’s all due to his back.”
“He can get the ball down the field,” Wilson said. “That’s not an issue, and I think as camp goes on he’ll just get nothing but stronger and more confident in his throws.”

What people tend to do in these situations is blow the thing up into something that it’s not, either way it fueled the fire for a very impressive outing by Tony Romo in Saturday’s practice.

It was the talk of practice yesterday as Romo put on a clinic with deep passes connecting and scoring left and right. So much so that even QB Coach Wade Wilson was there to offer up some clarification on the over-hyped drama surrounding backgate.

“He was really cutting the ball loose in all areas, the shorts, mediums and some real nice deep balls in 1-on-1s,” Wilson said. “Today he looked like his real self. His motion was real solid. He was getting a lot of his lower body in his throws as well.”
“I thought by far this is his best practice.”
“He brings energy to the team, and I thought it was one of our best team practices as well. It was competitive and high-spirited and that was good.”

Looks as though Tony will be suiting up against Baltimore this week. I think he looks fine, what say you?


This is the Dallas Cowboys though so folks always seem to overreact at the drop of a hat. Nothing new to see here.

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