Grade Day: Houston Texans management gets poor grade


The Houston Texans made plenty of terrible decisions during their 32-0 preseason loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

For starters, why was Ryan Fitzpatrick named this team’s starters? The Texans had enough problems turning the ball over last season with Matt Schaub and Case Keenum. Now you’re bringing in a 31-year-old who’s never been consistent and has 93 career interceptions?

Management, especially GM Rick Smith, deserve a lot of blame and criticism for this. Yes, perhaps it may have been the right decision to take Jadeveon Clowney with the top pick, but this team should have drafted a quarterback in the second round, or even trade up for one.

Fitzpatrick , in a preseason game, only had six completed passes and threw two interceptions. The Texans even had the chance to bring in a solid backup, like Michael Vick or a much better option in Josh McCown.

It’s still early, but judging by his preseason performance, Fitzpatrick doesn’t have me inspired that he’s going to lead this team much in the regular season. Because management gambled too much on him, they deserve a terrible grade.

Grade Day for Quarterback handling situation: F

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  • JN

    Unfortunately I am a season ticket holder. I am so frustrated with the decisions management has made with the quarterback situation. I give Management a zero it appears they have no respect for fans or talent that is on this team. Honestly I do not know how the players can put their heart into playing for a team without a starting quarterback. It is a sad situation.