Indianapolis Colts tight end does something no one else in his family has before


On Friday, just a day after the Indianapolis Colts first preseason game, tight end Dwayne Allen graduated from Clemson University. Allen has now become the first member of his family to earn a college degree.

Many times when a young man leave college early for the NFL, or any other professional sport for that matter, they tend to not finish their degree.

Allen told reporters Saturday on his mission to receive his degree “”Now that I have time to over think the cliches that usually come out, did it for my mom, had to do it, what not. I really did it for my nieces and nephews,I have 15, 16 nieces and nephews who don’t know of anyone in their family that has gone to college and anyone who graduated. For me to be the first out of seven children to do that was huge importance to me.” Kudos to Allen.

When the Colts took Allen in the third round in 2012, he has 13 credit hours left on his diploma. After his rookie season he took three additional classes, leaving him one credit short. A teacher however noticed he was one short, and allowed him to take an independent study during summer to finish up.

We often forget about players after their career is over, and many times a player is left with a short career and no degree. It is refreshing to see someone like Allen graduate and set a great example to the younger men who strive to become an NFL player.

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