Insane person would rather have Case Keenum play QB than Tony Romo


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has a reputation for choking in big moments. It’s easy to make fun of him, and really fun too. But when you actually look at his history subjectively you’ll know that he’s not only one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but one of the most clutch.

Here is a list of some A-name quarterbacks along with their fourth quarter quarterback rating for their careers.



The numbers don’t lie. Romo is more clutch than Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, and yes even Tom Brady. And it’s not even close. His rating is more than 10 points higher than everyone else on that list and he has less interceptions.

It might be natural for some Houston Texans fans to despair because they aren’t exactly loaded at the quarterback position, but this next guy is just ridiculous. In an argument on Twitter this afternoon (where arguments never die) two fans were debating the quarterbacks, and then this bomb got dropped:

Come on dude. Keenum is a decent backup – I guess – maybe – sometimes – but he’s nowhere near Romo’s stratosphere.

Hating on Romo is a fun past time but if this guy is actually serious then I have to wonder what’s in the water down there.

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