Oakland Raiders fell flat but you shouldn't worry about it


The Oakland Raiders had one of the more entertaining offseasons of any team in the NFL. Thanks to back to back years of purging the team from bad salaries, the Raiders went from break down mode to rebuild mode this year. But after all of the excitement from new signings and a big time draft class, there was a big let down in the first preseason game of the year.

Raiders fans wanted to see the Silver and Black come out and look like a completely different team. A team that was ready to compete come week one and show everyone why they underestimated what general manager Reggie McKenzie had done these past few months. Instead, the team pretty much fell flat on its face in the preseason debut and made many fans question the upcoming season.

There are already people calling for Dennis Allen to bench quarterback Matt Schaub in favor of rookie Derek Carr. There are people talking about Khalil Mack being overrated. There are people talking about Allen needing to be fired. And all of this from the first preseason game.

Let’s not forget history. Last preseason, the Raiders defense looked absolutely horrific. People truly thought it was going to be a train wreck that would get scored on with every touch of the football by the opposing team’s offense. Instead it came out and played extremely well early in the year before becoming plagued with injury. Then there was the year that Art Shell led the Raiders to an undefeated preseason before putting one of the worst Raiders teams in recent years on the field during the regular season.

Dennis Allen has shown that he uses the preseason to get players reps and see how they look but does not give any of his playbook away. No coach does, but Allen takes it to an extreme. So much so that his players often have difficulties finding much success in the preseason as the play calling does not put them in very favorable positions. That, however, is ok for Allen and crew even if fans don’t enjoy watching it. Allen clearly believes that he can get enough information from calling the preseason this way and has always believed in keeping his opponents in the dark about as much as he possible can, from player injuries, to naming starters to revealing the play book.

So while the disappointment from the first preseason game is understandable, it is far too early to worry or start calling for dramatic change. This has been a long path for Raiders fans and after enduring the past two years, they need to be patient for just a few more weeks before truly judging what the 2014 team is going to look like.

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  • Anonymous

    I watched the Game and McGloin played better that both QB’s, if He had the First team Reps he would have been even better. Schaub does not impress me at all.

    • B Chris

      I wrote all about how good McGloin is earlier in the offseason before we got Schaub and Carr. I still believe that. He’s a winner. He’s also very very young. But, this may actually accelerate his career to sit behind a few others that have been successful QBs for years. McGloin will someday be a big league NFL QB. I just hope that he doesn’t leave then come back and beat us at our own game and down us in the Super Bowl. Don’t laugh! If they end up trading him for a couple of firsts and a couple of 2nds, and around $8M, then you better take McGloin in the Superbowl, against the Raiders, because history won’t be on our side.

  • Frank

    This being DA’s final year of his contract, will have to be do or die. Hopefully the team as whole will gel and eliminate those costly penalties that have plagued the team in the past. waiting to see if there’s an improvement this coming week.

  • Anonymous

    They stink

  • Anonymous

    Worst wide receivers in the league. Good luck schaub if no one gets open