Quotable Monday: Coach Smith on the Falcons first pre-season game


Here are some quotes pulled from the presser following the game on Friday against the Dolphins.

Smith on the starting defense:

“Well when I say there are some things that aren’t as good as we liked, I would say that that would be one of them. I think that we ended up getting into too many third and shorts. We had an explosive play, with a crossing route, and we just missed the pickup there. We were in a coverage that we should be able to stop that. We’ll see it, and we’ll be better in that area. But I really liked the way the defense came back out, some of the younger guys that we need to see and play, played there in the second, third and fourth quarter.”

Smith on Antone Smith:

“Antone had some very explosive plays. Antone’s a guy that can do some things when we get the ball in his hands. I would imagine we would want to make sure to help him get some touches, put him in an advantageous situation, but I was very impressed with him.

Smith on Devonta Freeman:

“I was impressed with in terms of how he ran the ball for the most part. We did some positive things. They’ll be some plays that we’ll be talking about, but first and foremost it’s really always about your first impression. Individually and collectively, I thought the first impression was good”

Smith on pass protection:

Our pass protection was really good tonight. It’s a good front seven. Miami has a really good front seven. We know that from having played them last year. Our guys stepped up to the challenge. They did a great job.”


All quotes provided by AtlantaFalcons.com

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