Quotable Monday: Jason Elam’s son loves Denver Broncos practice


Day 19 of Denver Broncos training camp welcomed two former players in Brian Dawkins and Jason Elam.

Here’s Dawkins, looking stacked as ever, watching practice this morning. Photo by Troy Renck of the Denver Post.

And here’s a look at Elam, likely recalling stories of his 63-yard field goal in 1998 and getting stranded during the blizzard and then being picked up by a fan on a snowmobile to make a game that same year.

Following practice, Elam tweeted, “My 9 year old son on going to #Broncos practice, ‘That was one of the coolest experiences ever!'”

If only his son was able to see Elam, the greatest kicker and highest scoring player in Denver Broncos history, play.

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