The national confidence level in the Atlanta Falcons right now could surprise you


Finally, there were games to watch. After nothing but glowing reports coming out of 32 training camps, NFL fans finally got to see their favorite team play against a real opponent this past weekend. And the opening week of the preseason provided some interesting tidbits of information.

Yes, plenty of marquee players sat out the exhibition opener. And granted, few coaches were too concerned with winning in early August. But that didn’t mean the games were meaningless.

A close look at each team’s performance provided a glimpse of what’s to come this season. To see a review of each team’s performance, with an updated “confidence level” showing how the editors of cover32 feel about every franchise at the moment, CLICK HERE.

  • chaz

    clicked the link, then didn’t read once I found out it was a cover32 article. Y’all killed any credibility with your mike vick = Jackie Robinson thing a few months back. bleh….I just think its sad that links to your stories still pop up on one of my favorite sports websites, if I had my way………