Rahim Moore: The most interesting man at Denver Broncos training camp

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Denver Broncos safety Rahim Moore doesn’t have the big name like a DeMarcus Ware.

Moore doesn’t have the stats of star linebacker Von Miller.

Moore may even be the least known member of the Denver secondary that includes T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib and Chris Harris.

Despite all of that, Moore is a wanted man in training camp. People want to talk to him and Moore has no problem speaking up.

“The thing about me is I don’t do excessive talking,” Moore told 104.3 FM on Monday afternoon. “When I talk, I come back and line on the field. I am a free safety. I have to talk. I am not a quiet guy.”

The safety from UCLA has been known for two things during his career with the Broncos. One is the big blunder in the 2012 playoff game. Moore mistimed his jump on Joe Flacco’s hail mary to Jacoby Jones. The Baltimore Ravens tied the game and went on the win the game in double OT and then the Super Bowl. The loss was crushing to the Broncos.

Moore blamed himself after the loss. He knew he cost his team the game.

The other thing that fans know Moore for was his life-threatening injury last season. Moore had undergone emergency surgery for compartment syndrome. It was a rare leg injury that coaches on the Broncos had never even heard of. Moore missed the rest of the season but that was not the big issue. The issue was that Moore could have lost his life.

“My faith is everything,” he said. “It got me through my injury. A nurse told me that the hospital is the place to get healed. God had me in that room and he healed me.”

The safety watched the Broncos get all the way to the Super Bowl before being blown out by the Seattle Seahawks. It was frustrating for Moore to sit and be unable to contribute to his team.

“In life you never know what to expect,” Moore said. “If you would have told me we made it to the Super Bowl with those injuries I would have been like get out of here.”

Moore is now back in training camp and is the veteran of the Broncos’ new-look secondary. Denver added Ward to play along side Moore. Talib was signed to be a shut-down corner and be paired with Harris who is coming off his own knee injury.

“If we stay healthy this season, we can compete on a whole different level,” Moore said.
The UCLA product wants the defense to be one of the best and wants himself to be great. He has never lacked confidence despite bad plays like in 2012 or injury that be himself in danger.

“I want to lead the league in interceptions,” he said. “Not just me. I want us to lead as a unit.
“I want us to be Super Bowl champions. I don’t want to lose a game.”

Moore also has lofty goals individually. He wants to be the best safety he can be. No. 26 also has dreams of being an All-Pro.

“Look at Seattle. They had great safety play,” he said. “If T.J. (Ward) and I can do that we will be in good shape.”

Something that has plagued the Broncos since the days of winning Super Bowls has been creating turnovers. No one on the Denver defense had more than three interceptions. The Broncos have not had more than 17 interceptions as a team since 2005. That year, Denver had 20 and made it to the AFC title game.

The champion Seahawks had 28 picks last season.

Moore wants to change that. The Broncos drafted him to make plays and he wants to make good on that bet. He came close to making a play in the first preseason game but almost won’t be good enough in his eyes.

“At some that has to stop,” Moore replied. “If we want to get back to winning titles we have to get some takeaways. We have one of the best QBs to ever touch a football but we have to get him the ball.”

Some may see Moore as a goat for his gaffe in 2012. Others may see him as an outstanding comeback story. Many may see him as both.

But Moore sees himself as a voice of the Broncos defense. He wants to help lead the Denver D back to being great. All his talking is the best way to start that journey.

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