Twitter Tuesday: Andy Reid says a Kansas City Chiefs backup looks like Larry the Cable Guy


Andy Reid’s press conference’s have never been known for their energy or humor, but on Monday, Big Red provided the media with something to laugh about when addressing fourth-year guard Ricky Henry’s snaps with the first team in practice.

‘He looks like the Larry the Cable Guy’

Being told that you resemble Larry the Cable Guy is far from a compliment, but it seems that this legendary nickname is going to stick as this headline makes its rounds around the internet.

Here’s the full quote from Andy Reid from

Hes a tough kid, Im not telling you its all pretty, coach Andy Reid told reporters on Sunday.  He looks like Larry the Cable Guy and plays like Larry the Cable Guy.  Hes kind of a dirtbag-type guy, he gets in there and hes rough and tough and scrappy and all of that so thats how hes playing right now.

I dont think hes as funny, Reid said of Henry. I havent heard him say a word. He just does his job.

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