Chris Conte a real option for the Chicago Bears?


Tomorrow is a big preseason game for the Bears. It will go a long way towards getting a better light on some of the competitive positions and who has a real shot of making this roster. Our mailbag this week focuses on the preseason and the battles for spots up in the air.

Chris Conte hasn’t played yet but is he a real option to start? – Julie in Wicker Park

I would say he is right now. Only Ryan Mundy seems to have locked down a starting role leaving the free safety position up for grabs. Conte does need to get into a game here to prove what he can do but if he performs well then he can certainly take over for rookie Brock Vereen or veteran Danny McCray.

What’s going on with the backup quarterback? -Adam in Pilsen

It’s Jimmmy Clausen’s job to lose. All week we have been preaching from the mountain tops about how Clausen should be the guy and barring any epic collapse over the next few days he looks to be it. Jordan Palmer just hasn’t shown enough in practice or in game to take control.

Is Ka’Deem Carey the backup behind Matt Forte? -Brandon in River West

The Bears really seem to like what Shaun Draughn brings to the table. He’s a versatile running back who can block and that’s always important. Carey is certainly the future and has a role on this team but Draughn could be the immediate option. Carey will take control at some point but it may not be for a while.

Can Zach Miller continue to be this good? -Samantha in the Gold Coast

It depends on “what this good” is. Can he be a two touchdown a game guy? Probably not, but he can at least be a viable backup behind Martellus Bennett. Miller has had multiple seasons with at least 20 catches and if he can do that with the Bears then it’s a huge win for the team.

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  • michael

    conte should not even be on the team. they didn’t bring in all these players and draft one because he was a starter