Horseshoe Mailbag: Was Jack Mewhort a steal?


Last May the Indianapolis Colts selected Jack Mewhort, an offensive lineman from Ohio State with their first pick(2nd round). Many were shocked, as Mewhort has a third to fourth round grade on him, hell even I had that on him going into the third round in the draft. Although I did say that he would be a good fit with the Colts. Click here if you do not believe me.

Our fan question of the week pertains to Mewhort.

What has stood out about Jack Mewhort so far to you during training camp?

That is easy, his pulling. Mewhort was thrust into a starting role after Donald Thomas was lost for the season during the early parts of camp. He may need some more time to develop, but one thing that he did show me during the first game of the season was his ability to turn his hips quickly and pull.

On the second drive of the game, Mewhort pulled to the right and sealed off a linebacker perfectly. If Trent Richardson would have cut inside of him, he would have had at least a six yard gain. Instead, Richardson tried bouncing outside, and the play resulted in a loss. That was not on Mewhort.

You can see the mean streak in Jack, and if he continues to improve the Colts might have found their most versatile player on the offensive line. He may never play tackle, but he gives the Colts options there if Castonzo or Chelirus were to go down for a game.

One thing is for sure, Mewhort will be given every chance to start this year. I fully expect him to become an above average player and be a long-term player here. He is one reason why Andrew Luck has stated that the offensive line is under valued this year, as it was the biggest question going into training camp.

So a second round pick for Mewhort might have been the best part about the Colts draft this year. I bet no one was saying that in May.

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  • FrankW

    I remembered seeing him play last year. It was either against Michigan or Michigan State that I was amazed at how he pancaked people. I told my relatives that I hoped the Colts would get him. So, no, I was am not surprised at how he has done.

    Also, recall ow the Ohio State offense went through him.