Mailbag: Houston Texans ugly preseason game a preview for regular season?


Hi Alex. The Houston Texans looked simply awful in their first preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, and even worse than they did during the 2013 season. Losing 32-0, with no help from the defense, and a hopeless-looking offense definitely is cause for concern. I know it’s just the preseason, but do you think this is a preview of what’s to come for the Texans in 2014? Or was it one bad game, and they’ll be much better in the regular season? -Richard, Houston

Hi Richard,

For starters, no one will deny how ugly of a performance it was. Even head coach Bill O’Brien called it “terrible”. The fact this team couldn’t score any points in a preseason game is definitely embarrassing, but let us remember it’s only preseason. The 2008 Detroit Lions won all four preseason games but went 0-16 during the regular season.

The Texans are also learning a brand new system from an offensive guru head coach. O’Brien knows the talent he has on this team. DeAndre Hopkins, Andre Johnson and Arian Foster are all strong playmakers, and rookies C.J. Fiedorowicz and Alfred Blue have plenty of potential in this offense. The only reason for concern is the fact O’Brien thought Ryan Fitzpatrick deserved to start. Fitzpatrick hasn’t shown any consistency or overall strong play that should net him a starting job, and I believe Case Keenum, who had a decent campaign for the most part in 2013, deserves another shot as starter.

But I wouldn’t panic, just yet, Texans fans. It was their first game, and preseason means nothing. The starters will also be playing all the time during the regular season, instead of just a couple of possessions. With a loaded defensive line, and playmakers on offense, you can’t expect the Texans to lose this badly for large portions of the 2014 season.

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