NFL QB rankings 1-32 are out: Where’s the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson?


Every week, from now through the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, the editors at cover32 will gather to rank the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks. Depending on what’s happened the previous week, some will rise and some will fall, and even some of the names on the list will change. It’s a never-ending evolution, as the status of the league’s top signal callers is always in flux.

To get things started and to see how the starting quarterbacks in the NFL shake out after one week of preseason games, CLICK HERE.

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  • bigmike34

    This is one of the most moronic lists that I have ever seen….Listing Backup QB from 1 to 32……A few examples…Bridgewater has not played a down…and he is listed a a quality backup …He could just as easily be the STARTER…..and there were several other QBs listed as the Backup …Rookie QBs that have never played an NFL down….There were also a number of “BACKUPS” that are not listed the BACKUP on their teams Depth chart
    An example is the Ex Cougar in GB ….is listed as the backup to Rodgers when it is actually Matt Flynn who went in when the replacements for Rodgers during his injury were all losing games ….Flynn actually went in and won some games and Got them a Tie on a critical game with Minnesota when he took over for the cougar…at half time with the team 17 points down…..Flynn won another game for GB when the team went down 23 Points at the half against Dallas…and Flynn brought them back for a win the whole article is just plain idiotic