Steelers Mailbag: Dri Archer is fast, but is he NFL ready?


Another Wednesday, another cover32 Pittsburgh Steelers mailbag.

Let’s get to your questions.

I remember another fast, highly touted rookie who reminds me now of Dri Archer: Chris Rainey. Are we looking at a facsimile?
-Carol in Wilkes-Barre


Great question and I’m glad to see where your allegiance is so close to Philly.

From the start, I thought the same thing. I remembered the excitement around Rainey and how much he would help the Steelers on special teams and being that x-factor on offense.

And I was worried about that because Rainey never really fulfilled those expectations.


But since the draft, I’ve noticed one big difference between Archer and Rainey: attitude.

And there’s so much to be said about that.

Archer is out there to prove something (which he has said he already has) and has come to work with a positive, do-anything attitude.

Rainey came into the league already with off-the-field issues and the like.

Mentally, I think Archer is steps ahead of Rainey and watching him during that first preseason game only makes me more excited.

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