The Atlanta Falcons might be Super bowl bound if they fielded this hometown team


The Atlanta Falcons play in one of the tougher divisions in the NFL and to win against tough competition you have to make bold moves. Maybe it’s time for a major shakeup on the roster?

Let’s play a hypothetical game. What if every NFL team had to start over and field only players from their home town? According to Best Tickets, the all-Atlanta team would look like this:


Slow whistle. Nice. Very nice.

Both sides of the trenches are deep. The secondary is stacked with Eric Berry and Brandon Boykin, then you have the combination of Cam Newton and Calvin Johnson on offense. Oh and Demaryius Thomas to boot. Who do you cover? How would you possibly stop them? I think this team could very well take Atlanta to the Super bowl. How about you?

You can find the rest of the hometown team rosters here.

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