Weekly Mailbag: Are the expectations too high for Kelvin Benjamin?


It’s our Weekly Mailbag! Remember that if you want your question about the Carolina Panthers answered, you can tweet us @Cover32_CAR or ask it down in the comments section. Now for this week’s question:

“I was really excited for Kelvin Benjamin when we took him in the draft and now after seeing him in training camp and the game against the Bills, I’m even more excited. I think he’s going to be a star this year and could make the Pro Bowl. Am I getting my hopes too high though?”

-Frank in Rock Hill, SC

It’s always a dangerous game to expect too much from a rookie wide receiver. Kelvin Benjamin has looked absolutely phenomenal so far with the Panthers, but training camp and preseason are much different than the regular season. He’s going to have an opportunity to put up decent numbers because the receiving corps isn’t stellar but there will be some growing pains.

I suspect that Benjamin will be good this year, and even great at times, but he won’t be making the Pro Bowl. If I had to guess, I’d say he’ll catch between 50-60 passes from Cam Newton this year and finish with about 700-800 yards receiving and seven or eight touchdowns. That may not be enough to get Carolina to the playoffs, but it’ll be enough to be in contention for offensive rookie of the year.

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