Atlanta Falcons fans are down on their team heading into 2014 NFL season


The Altanta Falcons had high hopes going into the 2013 season and many people believed they would represent the NFC in the Super bowl. Unfortunately the team was bitten hard by the injury bug and finished with a 4-12 record, putting them in the division cellar. So how do Falcons fans feel about this coming season? Let’s find out.

Recently a digital marketing agency known as Prime Visibility ranked all 32 NFL teams based on a metric that evaluated how confident fans are feeling about their teams via social media mentions. Here is how they calculated it, according to Yahoo Sports:



So, how do Falcons fans feel? According to Prime Visibility their sentiment rating is just 73.15 percent, making them the 26th most confident fanbase in the NFL heading into the 2014 season. By contrast, the Carolina Panthers were all the way up at number three. I don’t understand why Falcons fans are feeling so low. With a healthy team they’re certain to be much better than last season.

In case you’re wondering, Dallas Cowboys fans were ranked the least confident and Seattle Seahawks fans the most.

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  • Joey

    I’m not that confident that the Falcons make the playoffs this year. The NFC is definitely the dominant conference this year and I think 8-8 or 9-7 is probably where they will finish this year. They have four major questions surrounding them in my estimation. Number one and by far the most important is whether or not they can establish a reliable pass rush. Have Massaquoi and Goodman progressed enough to be relied upon to be the guys to get to the quarterback consistently? Number two is can they run the football. I don’t think Jackson has much if anything left at this stage of his career. Number three is has Baker recovered from his injury and be relied upon to protect Ryan’s blindside. Lastly number four is can they convert on third and short without having the reliability of Gonzalez to catch the short pass over the middle. With all of that being said I expect big, big things from the Falcons in the next couple of years. I think with a good draft and two or three key free agent acquisitions they address all of the above mentioned issues next year except for the Baker situation, then address it in 2016. Within the next few years I see the Falcons going from contenders to one of the favorites to make it to the big dance. We will have to make it through one more year of mediocrity and then we will be ready to soar which is what Falcons should do.

  • RealBird

    Dirty Birds will make everyone eat their words! One team, one city and one chance to RISE UP!

  • Raja

    I’m a season ticket holder and have been for 10 years. I’ve seen the best and worse and quite frankly there is a culture of mediocrity in Falcon town. I’ve got very little confidence in Demitroff drafting a winning team, or bringing in the right free agents. Mike Nolan’s defense is horribly inadequate. Letting go of Abraham and Eric Weems big mistake. Bringing in Jackson not good. Getting rid of Domink Davis before he gets a chance to compete well what can I say. Bringing in Cox and Tice brilliant.